Hi airwigglers!

As many of you know, Airwiggles has been in 'beta testing' since it started, and our aim of the beta period to assess if Airwiggles was a space that audio people would find interesting, helpful, useful, and fun. We've been blown away by the amount of users and posts on this site, and we weren't expecting such a positive response! So, we will be continuing with Airwiggles for the forseeable future and will be officially moving out of beta and launching Airwiggles 1.0 soon!

Last week I sent around a survey asking people some questions on airwiggles, and it got over 200 responses! Thank you so much to everyone who responded. We've taken all of your feedback from the survey and the feedback form and are looking to make plenty of awesome changes and updates based on community feedback. Greg and I are really excited to show you all what we've got in store!

We will go over what cool features you can expect from Airwiggles 1.0 in a video soon. Thank you so much to everyone using the site and giving us feedback so far, it means the world!

Here's a little hint at some of the things to come...

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